Valheim - Viking Airship - Inspirational Build Using Windmill as 'Engine' (NO MOD)

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This is the most epic build I have ever done so far by exploiting the trick of making floating rocks in the Plains biome. I have to say it upfront that this is halfway done in creative mode to save me a lot of time gathering resources. All building pieces are vanilla, no mod added to the build, so basically this can be done in the traditional way if I had enough time to do so.

The main idea, obviously, is to treat the windmills as two engine for this airship. The rock is sculpted in an artistic way so that it becomes a part of the airship itself. To enhance the unrealistic feel of the airship, I make use of illumination of the potions (Poison Resistance & Stamina) to create strip LED lights on the back of the airship and a gem-like texture for the front hull.

If you're not ready for the plains yet, check out my other video for floating structure in the Black Forest:

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00:00 Cover Art
00:07 Overview of the Airship
01:23 Interior Tour
04:50 Building Process
05:32 Initial Floating Rock
05:45 Initial Windmill Design
06:20 How to Build a Textured Wall
08:00 Outro

Looking for more inspirational builds from others? I can name a few:
- Vetlive: impressive traditional viking style buildings. Their designs are elegant and the videos are super easy to understand. (They also has a discord channel for builder geeks)
- Ghost Builds: famous for his Fairfax Castle:
- SiLVR ViRUS: his Colosseum went viral on Reddit:
- BROOVERS: unique ideas. I love their Black Pearl (the video is quite cinematic too):
- smskcntr: another creative builder who bring his experience from Conan Exiles into Valheim:
- AtomicOne: not sure if he has a Youtube channel, but you must have seen his Dragon Portal somewhere.

And many many others

I don't own any copyright of the music.
The sound track is "Rise Up" by TheFatRat
Link to the original sound track:
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